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Finnish sauna

(Also called dry sauna) here, the temperature reaches approximately 90-100 C°, and the air humidity usually does not exceed 15%. One single session, which lasts from 5 to 15 minutes, should end with cooling the body in under a cold shower or in a cold bath and some rest. Recommended is taking 2-3 such warming and cooling cycles.

Particularly popular are aromatic sessions (in German, such a session is called "Aufguss") conducted by our sauna masters. These ceremonies are based on essential oils having inhalation or relaxing properties. The ritual begins with pouring stones with water enriched with the oils. The hot and fragrant steam is distributed around the room with a towel or a fan. It's a unique spectacle. More information on the currently offered sauna ceremonies - ask our staff. 

Steam bath

Due to its mild temperature and high air humidity, it is particularly recommended to sauna beginners. Has a beneficial influence on the respiratory system, perfectly detoxifies the body and improves the metabolism.

Salt sauna

It's an effective combination of sauna and the so-called halotherapy , i.e. salt inhalations. The high temperature relieves such healing micro elements as: iodine, bromine, calcium and magnesium. Using this sauna is especially recommended in case of upper respiratory tract diseases.

Herbal sauna

The starring role in this type of sauna is played by aromatherapy. Properly chosen essential oils and herbs create a mixture having a remarkable therapeutic power. Such a sauna strengthens your body, gives you a kick of energy, brings you relaxation, supports your respiratory system and shows a beneficial influence on your skin.

Family sauna

A marvellous place for adults and children alike. Starting your sauning adventure in your childhood will not only give you immunity, but also a wonderful family time.